Personal Sewing Challenge – Day 3


Time for the pattern for the second part of the challenge – 2 pair of casual sport pants.  I have my pattern from 2011 for a sport pant that was based (but changed significantly) from a pant that I had purchased years before that and then worn to shreds (literally).

The pattern has many pieces and uses the stretch quotient of the cloth to great advantage.  The seams of the pants are manipulated so that they accommodate activities such as cycling or hiking.  The stretch pant has roomy pockets and an elasticized back waist…..perfect sport pant for me.  In fact I wore a pair of the 2011 version for a 13 km walking jaunt just this very fine west coast morning.    And there shooting from the floor of the forest wetlands….skunk cabbage…..first time spotted for 2015.  Spring IS on its way.

the pieces 'look' strange but really work well for sporty active days
the pieces ‘look’ strange but really work well for sporty active days

All the pattern changes, cutting and marking are done.  I’ve chosen different threads for different purposes.  The #40 for stitching and topstitching (red spool-2 of them), #50 for the buttonholes (red spool-1 of them), and #65 for the serger (yellow spool-4 of them).  All bundled into a work box – I love the contained and prepared feeling of a bucket of cut cloth and notions.

ready - set - sew....tomorrow
ready – set – sew…2 pairs….tomorrow

That’s it for today.  Downtown Abbey is wrapping up their season tonight.  No doubt some story lines will be resolved and some……will provide tantalizing possibilities for another season.  Can’t wait.  I have been enjoying the Downtown costuming this year.  Rose’s trousseau was particularly to my liking.


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